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About Cruising Tips

2009 June 08. This is a brand new site so please bear with me while I get it built.

Like many projects on the web, Cruising Tips was started to "scratch an itch".

My wife Mary and I cruised the Caribbean and Southeast US for nine years from 1975 to 1984. We came back ashore to fulfill a biological imperitive who is now old enough to live on his own.

So as our thoughts returned to cruising, I began looking for various information on the web. While I found information was generally bountiful, specific data such as on the inland waterways of Europe was elusive - particularly in English.

Therefore, this site will attempt to provide easy to find information relevant to those who sail (or motor) easy to find. This will be done by providing links to sites that already have such information when I can find it, and by creating it myself when I cannot find it on the web.

As with any endevour of this type, user feedback is essential. Please send email to let me know what works and what doesn't, what is useful and what isn't, and of course, what is missing.

Please see the contact page for the email address.

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