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News for Cruisers

2013 January 10:
Cruising Tips Introduces the Marmaris Bay Cruisers website

Get the latest information about cruising Turkey at: Marmaris Bay Cruisers

2009 June 16:
Cruising Tips Introduces Planning Charts

Today we introduce the first of what we hope will be a long series of cruising planning charts. These charts are based on Google Maps and provide routes and facility information. The first series is for the inland waterways of Europe. Look for them under Navigation.

2009 June 08:
Cruising Tips Goes Live!

The Cruising Tips website goes live June 8, 2009. Although just now getting underway, we hope to be up to speed and on course to be the most useful site for cruisers on the web in just a few months.

It will be a big job, so wish us well.

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